APPLE HARDWOOD FLOORS it is in the market for over 10 years, with all this experience on hardwood floors installation we can handle any kind of job, with our trained crew and best equipment we can delivery the best results. Find bellow some of our jobs done.


Before we install a floor, during the estimating process we determine the scope of the project. If it’s a new construction you suppose to be ready to install if you have an old floor after remove the old floor the subfloor is checked for squeaks and re-nailed as necessary.

Our wood products come from moisture controlled warehouses, which is important because they maintain the moisture content of the wood at constant levels that are compatible with the living conditions in most homes. The most common problems with moisture occurs in new construction. The environment controls (heating and air conditioning) should be activated and consistent with normal living conditions for at least two weeks prior to the wood flooring being installed.

Installing hardwood flooring over a concrete flooring is possible but usually not without considerations. Prior to installing solid 3/4" nail down hardwood over concrete, 3/4" plywood subfloor must be shat and glued to the concrete. This will increase the level of the floor 1 1/2". This could be a problem with exterior doors, levels of other flooring, and appliances. Many times customers decide to have a floating laminate or veneer floor installed over a concrete subfloor.


Wood flooring is available in a variety of widths. The most popular width is the traditional 2 1/4". The flooring comes in random lengths from 1' to 8'. Flooring in widths up to and including four inches is nailed down. Wider widths such as 5" and up must be glued and nailed. The wider the plants you choose, the more movement you may experience with expansion and contraction.


If you installed an unfinished hardwood floor we go to next step sand. Read more here. If you decided for a pre finished or engineered floors your room will be ready to be used after the installation.



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